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Memories, Milan

Memories, Milan | ONEROOM

Memories is an installation for the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan. In a space fully furnished, reminiscent of an ancient palace, everything is partially covered by sand dunes. By submerging each element of the exhibition in it, the sand creates an unexpected lens through which everything appears in a different, never before seen, light.

At the heart of this installation is sand. There are sand dunes whose forms and shape are subject to continuous displacement and change, depending on the direction and strength of the wind.

Then, there is a palace submerged in the sand, in knee-deep dunes, with rooms from different colors that are fully furnished with antique pieces, objects and textiles.

Drawing inspiration from a ghost town in Namibia, abandoned in the mid-50s, where the arid climate preserved the traditional Edwardian architecture, the wind and sand-blasted walls appear beyond recognition. The effect is alienating, unexpected but full of magic. Memories emerge from the dunes and from the visitor’s unconscious, transforming the path through the rooms into a search and rediscovery of oneself.

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