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In cerca di Alice, Abitare il tempo, Verona

In cerca di Alice, Abitare il tempo, Verona | ONEROOM

In cerca di Alice (Looking for Alice) is the second exhibition, in a series of three, for the Verona Fair that explores the theme of fairytales in the everyday life of objects.

A dark, vast and indistinct space is dotted with very high transparent columns that contain groups of things. They are cones of bright light coming from above, harnessed in circular semi-transparent fabric stockings. In each one of them, a family of objects is linked by more or less obvious narrative reasons, all somehow derived from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book: children’s furniture along with grand-sized items, all kinds of rabbits, teapots and hats.

As a narrative link of the exhibition, huge holographic screens hang in dark spaces: on them, videos projected from the background come to life from a glass plate, depicting a little girl who is reading excerpts of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ novel. The narrative voices from the videos overlap, echoing in the enormous dark space, and become audible only when approaching the screen.

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