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Apartment, Brera, Milan

Apartment, Brera, Milan | ONEROOM

A large apartment in an antique building in the heart of Milan. A flat of a thousand square meters, where the main entrance introduces a sequence of spacious living and dining rooms, and then a succession of more intimate rooms and services that includes a large terrace. It’s a space that we have designed and redesigned several times over the years, expressing the changing mood of the owners who wanted a home that could change and mature along with them.

The apartment has maintained the characteristic divisions and succession of spaces of the traditional nineteenth-century Milanese bourgeois houses, with a superb selection of furniture and pieces of art.

During the last transformation, it was decided to turn the large reception rooms into more comfortable spaces for daily use, as in a proper family room, with a less formal décor, sofas, grand piano, bookcase and a variety of side and coffee tables, in a balanced mix of antique and modern. In the dining room a new custom-made wallpaper replaced the old English hand-painted silk one. The new decoration is based on a photo collage of flowers and branches that runs along all the walls and continues seamlessly through the curtains.

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