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Cromatismi d'autore, Abitare il tempo, Verona

Cromatismi d'autore, Abitare il tempo, Verona | ONEROOM

Cromatismi (Chromatisms) is an installation of interiors for the Verona Fair. It’s about an endless sequence of rooms that succeed one after the other in a chromatic sequence. In every one of them something unexpected is happening.

An immersive installation dedicated to colors, connected by an endless corridor that passes through 22 rooms. Each room is fully painted in a different shade in chromatic gradation; we start with the whites and neutrals, continue to the yellows, greens, blues and reds, and ends with black and gold. Every room is characterized by the presence of an artwork (a photograph, a painting or a video), together with a selection of antique or modern furniture. It’s a complex reflection on the different ways of living, and how art can find its place in it. But it’s also about the discovery of magic, the unexpected, like a dream that can appear suddenly and change everything: an invasion of tiny plastic characters, a huge abandoned stone, an expanse of moss that reaches the sofas.

All the rooms are at the same time realistic and abstract; they have something that reminds us of everyday life and something else that belongs to the impossible world of dreams.

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