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Mylight Hotel

FOSCARINI <br> Mylight Hotel | ONEROOM

Onroom Gallery will be transformed into a concept hotel as part of the MyLight Hotel project. 
Foscarini will showcase its new MyLight smart lighting system through this immersive exhibition.

The exhibition, designed by Oneroom Founders, Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli, will run in tandem with Clerkenwell Design Week (and beyond) and will simulate the daily life of a small town hotel. Think Wes Andersen meets David Lynch, unabashedly cinematic and visually spectacular, nuanced by colour and light, this will be a living breathing space with a story to tell.

Guests enter through reception on the ground floor, are welcomed by liveried staff and offered an opportunity to explore the lounge and bar areas on 1st and 2nd floors, a spacious bedroom complete with bath on the 3rd floor and topping off with the spectacular skyline roof terrace.

21 May - 2 June 2019
Opening Thursday 20 May

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