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Francesca Blomfield
Adam Glibbery
Adam Hines-Green
Jazbo Gross
Rosie Kennedy
Joshua Leon 
Jack O’Brien 
Robert Orr 
Camille Yvert 

Know what you want. What you want is probably what everyone else wants. Notice what we want. Do it later tonight. Do it again tomorrow. Do it again now. It’s very consistent. Listen to what people tell you you want. They’re right. Everyone is exactly right about you. What they want, which is what you want, is exactly what we all want. It starts to feel alive like that – seeing what we want, you and me, together, out there, in front of us, like you’ve got an arm around me and I’ve got an arm around you. I might not call it affection but I’d call it effective. You need me and I might need you too.


Dedicate yourself to something – let it be us. You can’t care about everything all the time. You’ll care about marginally more than nothing any of the time. That’s alright. We’re alright. You can be self-supporting with me. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch you. That could be enough; you don’t have to be you and I don’t have to be us, we can be you and me together, forever. Try a little tenderness, they’ll say. Convince me, we’ll say. This one’s for you and me.


Try taking credit for what you’ve done. Try taking credit for what you could have done. It’s so you. It’s so something you could do. You could be, for example, somebody. You’ll start accelerating. You know, people are good at assessing velocity, but very bad at assessing acceleration. Be hard to pin down. Be moving from here to there in next to no time at all. By the time you’re known to be there, you can be here all over again. You’ll have to do a lot to stay in the same place. You’ll find you can, even when you thought you couldn’t, especially when you have to.


The first word is obligation. Join me in service. Attend to my liking without a care in the world. Try not having a care, just for a moment. Try not caring for a minute and then pounce, explosively, on it, from here, now. Like now. Attend without being attentive, if you will – and I think you will. Be there, like you’re here, now. Think what you’ve done for everyone, all the time, everywhere. Maximise up-time. Delete down-time. Find me-time. Me-time is our time. Share a bit of me-time with your ambitions, on your own time. Do it all on your own time.


Anyway, they say half of life is showing up. Here’s to us.

14 June - 27 June 2019
Opening Thursday 13 June

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