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ONEROOM collaborates with prestigious textile house, Dedar, with an exhibition in its multi-storey gallery space. Balancing richness with restraint, the ONEROOM approach to interior design is free from conventions and open to the unexpected, with its own style that melds different influences and eras.

Harmonising contradictory influences, a ONEROOM interior could combine a 17th Century painting with a 1970s Gabetti and Isola rug and a Marina Abramovic photograph. Interpreting the world of Dedar fabrics and wallpapers across the four floors of ONEROOM’s gallery space, the exhibition offers a distinctly different and thoroughly imaginative approach on every level.

Guests enter the ground level into a strikingly patterned entrance offsetting a stunning Paul Evans metallic patchwork wardrobe. Then ascend the gallery into a Maximalist space where the spirit of the past is twisted and turned into the spirit of the time through an accumulation of carefully curated objects combining styles and epochs not traditionally put together. On the next level the boundaries of space become imperceptible as guests are immersed into an abstract installation of a textile forest. Finally on the third floor, the space becomes even more magical; from the wallpapered walls everything is golden light, and connected with the plant-filled roof terrace over-looking the urban landscape and its tangled mix of skyscrapers and industrial buildings below.  

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