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  • Ugo Mulas
  • Villa Panza di Biumo, opera di Claes Oldenburg, Varese, 1966
  • Pigment inkjet print on cotton fine-art paper 
  • 63x58x4 cm
  • Edition of 7

Ugo Mulas is a great example of contemporary art practice. In the middle of 20th Century, the works of Ugo Mulas comes along with the changes in the international artistic context, which moved his centre from the old continent to the new. In 1964 after meeting the new art protagonists at Venice Biennale, Mulas decided to move overseas and set up a photographic archive of the contemporary art practice in New York. He decided to create an archive in which were photographed the contemporary artworks in New York. This was really important for its historical and aesthetic value, the result of an interesting thought on the photography itself.


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