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Heath West
Tristes Tropiques
Acrylic, Flashe and oil pastel on linen
200 x 165 cm


Born in 1976 in Huston, Heath studied architecture in New York City and graduated during the peak of the 2009 recession - one of the worst times to be an architect. Not content with the office routine, he decided to work as a full-time painter and is currently based in Los Angeles.

Even though he managed to escape his architectural career, his paintings are primarily inspired by his background. Structural elements such as windows, doors, columns, and rooms emptied of any object dominate his imagery, while pastel colours and minimal framing complete an otherworldly take on the surroundings he envisions.

By reducing the subject to space and colour, Heath constrains the architectural space of his paintings with planes of colour and line work, forming spatial harmonies and poetics. 

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