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Nicasio Torres
Mutation #19
Acrylic on paper
22 x 18 cm

Born in Las Palmas in 1975, Barcelona-based Nicasio Torres has a degree in both civil engineering and fine arts. An artist and freelance illustrator, his work is heavily inspired by the world of fashion, while the subject of masculinity is very recurring theme in his art.

Torres develops the theme of fixed hegemonic identities, creating a collection of ambiguous figures that are vulnerable and in continuous transformation. In his drawings, mainly washed in Chinese ink, he declares his influence and fascination with photography, especially portraiture. His technique makes the subjects of his portraits seem both smaller and bigger at the same time, as if appearing and disappearing somehow.

In one of his latest projects, Mutations, he performs a pictorial intervention in art history images, mutating the figures toward a new pictorial identity.

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