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  • South Persia
  • Early 20th century
  • Wool
  • 263 x 145 cm

Ancient Turkish nomadic populations, who probably descended into the Caucasus from the Atlas mountains in Central Asia in the XIII century, following the hoards of Genghis Khan. In the XVI century they settled definitively in Iran, in the region of the Zagros Mountains, whose tablelands were the destination of summer migrations in search of highland pastures.

A warrior tribe, isolated from any contact with sedentary peoples, they have maintained their own traditions intact for many centuries. Thanks to this lack of any contamination by urban cultures, their carpets transmit intact the allure of ancient times; never polluted by decorations but pervaded solely by vibrant double wefting that brings an almost three-dimensional relief to the surface, by bold colours resulting from dyes produced from the surrounding nature, and by age-old minimal designs.

Courtesy of Altai

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