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  • East Anatolia
  • Early 20th century
  • Goat wool and cotton
  • 312 x 240 cm

These rugs come from a micro-region of Southern Anatolia, behind Siria. 
The unusual combination of the two materials used, goat wool and cotton, demonstrates the need of the local nomadic population to have particularly enduring handmade textiles. This kilims tipology was infact destined to humble use: the exsiccation of fruit and cereals. 
For thousands years they have been essential to daily life and therefore considered particularly precious. 
The presence of small embroideries or different colours threads, as symbol of totemic protection, underlined how these textiles were important. 
It is indeed the encounter between these two materials of such different nature, highly refined weaving, the soft hand twisted cotton thread and the strong goat wool, which give an enchanting grid effect. Thousands of shades which make these antique kilims of incomparable refinement and contemporaneity.

Courtesy of Altai

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