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  • Settee in soft polyurethane finished by hand with Guflac.
  • Nordic version, Colour White 
  • 140x140x95 cm | 61 kg 
  • 55,2x55,2x37,5 in | 135 lb

A unique and unconventional Chaise longue that has as yet found no ersatz, Pratone has become a reference parameter in the history of design. Included by Vitra Design Museum among the 100 masterpieces of the history of Design, it is an object "outside the box" which maintains its artisanal soul: as a matter of fact,
each of the 42 long and soft blades of grass you can sink into is worked and finished by hand, just like the label Pratone, engraved on the base of each module.

On the occasion of its 50th birthday, Gufram presented the Nordic Pratone version, which is entirely white: a portion of frozen meadow that laughs at the influence of Scandinavian design and the cultural homologation of design inspirations.

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