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Stewart Francis Easton
Hand embroidery on cotton
40,5 x 30,5. cm

Born in 1976 in the United Kingdom, London-based Stewart Francis Easton is a visual storyteller who works in thread, ink, paint and digital media. He received an MA in Illustration and Animation and has had a number of both solo and group shows in the United Kingdom and the United States

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, his work fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and design-based illustration. Stewart has been removing the ‘storyline’ of a visual narrative by creating geometric/graphic forms in stitch, while emphasizing the need to create using the hands as a way of slowing down and diving in the moment. Central to his work is meditation, with the sewing process being a meditative act to be carried out in a morning practice.

By using this process of abstract minimal stitch he is enabling himself to create a visual reference to an ever changing pathway and reaching for a utopian form.




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