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Sean Kratzert
The Catcher in the Rye
Oil Paint, Coffee and Charcoal on Paper
71 x 56 cm

Sean Kratzert (born in 1991) is a visual artist and musician from Old Lyme, Connecticut. He grew up in the woods of the area, developing an interest in nature and the arts. In addition to being a painter and sculptor, he is also a multi-instrumentalist musician, composing under the names Coyote Ocean and Low Pagoda. As a painter, he transmits feeling and emotions that are difficult to express with words.

“With Coyote Ocean, I often start recording with drums and then layer on top. I suppose my art is in a way like that as well. It starts with something, and I add elements with the best of my abilities until a cohesive result is achieved. I could always add or subtract to a piece, but I think the defining aspect of making art is knowing where to start and when to stop”.

His goal is to achieve a total form of art, where painting, music, and installation work together to convey various emotions.


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