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Jordy Hewitt
Life Outside IX
Oil and wax on canvas
169 x 114 cm framed


Jordy Hewitt is an emerging Australian artist and painter. Born in Perth in 1985, she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University in 2014. She has exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions and prizes.

From her early works in 2012 (violently expressionist, full of contrasting colors, secret meanings and allusions), she gradually left behind every expressive turbulence, every line of horizon or naturalistic allusion, to land in an empty space of pure colour – or even absence of colour. “I’ve found myself using this analogy about Zen calligraphy and how what I try to do is more in that vein of taking a deep breath and stepping up to the page to make a mark”.

“Life Outside” (2018) is the last group of paintings presented in a solo exhibition: radical in their extreme minimalism, serene, intimate, authentic and vulnerable.

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