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  • Hook-work with colored yarns on white muslin backing
  • Width 300 cm, height 210 cm
  • China, 1967
  • Chinese writing on bottom:  無產階級文化大革命勝利萬歲 [PROLETARIAN CULTURAL REVOLUTION GOT THE GREAT VICTORY]

    A monumental hook-work parade banner with Chairman Mao leading the Cultural Revolution

    The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was launched by Chairman Mao in May 1966. As most of the Chinese propaganda images, this extraordinary hand-crafted parade banner shows a combination of revolutionary realism and revolutionary romanticism: a vision of a utopian society to which the Communist Party aspired. Leader Mao on top, driving the crowd and pointing the way forward, is portrayed in a conventional way, more resembling an icon then a real person; otherwise, the people below, although depicted with a few strokes, impresses for their realism: they are the real proletariat, dazed, stunned, more scared then dreamy.
    Among the big quantity of Communist memorabilia left and still reproduced (mainly porcelains and prints), these textile artworks are scarce and very rare. 

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