Collezione, /kol:e’tsjone/ (collection)

[from Latin collection-onis, derivative of colligēre, collect, past participle collectus]: the gathering, the accumulation of things.

COLLEZIONE is the latest Oneroom project: an ordered accumulation of objects of different nature, origin, style, selected all over the world, apparently without criteria, without common bonds. As in the Studiolo of the Italian Renaissance, (part-office, part-laboratory, part-hiding place and part-cabinet of curiosities) where masterpieces by famous artists stood alongside unicorn horns, puffer fish, precious gems, COLLEZIONE collects dreams and chimeras.

Its open catalogue includes abstract and figurative, minimalist or expressionist works, made with different techniques such as collage, pen, oil, embroidery, ceramic, of small or large format. Like any collection, it is made up of chance and taste. As every object or artist is a chance encounter between the infinite possible, COLLEZIONE was born to be a collection in the making; destined to grow over time with the discovery of new artists and new objects, without end.