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William Buchina
Recollections of collapse

William Buchina <br> Recollections of collapse

12-24 November 2022

BeAdvisors Art Department is pleased to present "Recollections of collapse", William Buchina's solo show at Oneroom Gallery.

 The exhibition displays a new series of paintings by the artist.

Buchina’s paintings, the scenes from an imagined documentary of political history, act as frozen moments of a haphazard re-telling of the past. Placing images together which are often not relevant to each other yet tell the same story, for Buchina, displays the tantalising interconnectedness of political regimes.

His forthcoming exhibition delineates these various themes. When looking to the essence of these extraordinary ‘history paintings’ - they endeavor to draw attention to show us the illusory and transient nature of power, and glory and ruin, illustrated by the imagery, and products and messaging that are createdmade to keep the illusion alive.

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