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Lilla Tabasso
Fiori d'Arancio
Lampworked Murano glass
D max 32 cm H 30 cm


Milan-based Lilla Tabasso was born in 1973. A biologist and designer, she combines her knowledge of botany (that she studied at the Faculty of Biology at the University in Milan) with a complex practice of hand-made Murano glass.

Following the ancient techniques of blowing and modelling at the flame, this intricate alchemy creates artworks of incredible realism and poetry. Her glass sculptures depict with an infinite palette of colours and translucency the full cycle of blossoming including its shades and imperfections, faded and wilting leaves, and dry branches alongside fresh ones.

Her work revolves around the concept of “vanitas”, a term questioning the ephemeral nature of beauty, used in art history to indicate the inexorable passage of time, and the “still life” genre, which Tabasso recreates with unbelievable hyper-realism and extreme naturalism.

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