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Attraverso lo specchio, Abitare il tempo, Verona

Attraverso lo specchio, Abitare il tempo, Verona | ONEROOM

Attraverso lo specchio (Through the looking-glass) is the third set up on the subject of interiors for the Verona Fair, which continues to explore the theme of ‘magic’ created in an enclosed space.

The exhibition is inspired by the Lewis Carroll sequel of Alice in Wonderland. Again, we enter a fantastical landscape following Alice who climbs through a mirror and enters the world that exists beyond it. This time, our path is an endless, very high corridor that goes round in circles without a visible beginning or end. Our journey is marked by an uninterrupted sequence of large chandeliers that switch on and off in turns, following a circular pattern and accompanying the visitor; along with this, on the right side of the corridor, a video of people walking continuously is projected superimposed on a floral background pattern. The center of the exhibition space, resembling the hole of a donut, is occupied by a circular room for meetings. At the same time, along the outer ring, on the left of the circular corridor, mysterious rooms are visible through large closed windows. We are secretly looking inside a room where hundreds of butterflies fly on a laid table; in another, water flows out of a silver tub, flooding the entire surface; in a third, the gaze is lost in an infinite labyrinth of columns and statues; and in another, a deer family is taking its tea. And this magical exploration continues...

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