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Continuity and Transformation

SHANE LUTZK <br> Continuity and Transformation | ONEROOM

Oneroom Gallery presents Continuity and Transformation, by artist Shane Lutzk. This marks the artists’ first solo exhibition in London.

The exhibition will feature large-scale sculptures and smaller objects. Lutzk utilizes the potter’s wheel to create his wall installations and architectural vessels.

Shane’s ceramic work involves a continuous study of formal language of the vessel. While traveling abroad, Shane was greatly influenced by the historical architecture in Kecskemet, Hungary. Shane develops work by integrating the precision and structural components found in the diversity of architecture. Shane designs monumental sculptures that reflect his thoughts, and complement architectural form. Shane expresses himself each day, by developing and designing innovative vessels. His sculptures create a spatial connection with the viewer, according to scale. Shane determines what he wants to convey, experiments, and then decides on the composition and proportions of each ceramic piece.


22 March - 4 April 2019
Opening Thursday 21 March

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